Wet Abrasive Blasting Services

Do you have a surface that needs cleaning but pressure washing just isn't cutting it?  We have the solution!

What is Wet Abrasive Blasting?

Here at Power Clean Surface Solutions we specialize in Wet Abrasive Blasting for Richmond, IN and the Indianapolis area.  Wet Abrasive Blasting is similar to sand blasting in which it uses different abrasive material (like sand, glass, etc.) and compressed air to clear the surface. The difference is that Wet Abrasive Blasting also uses water to keep dust and debris spread to a minimum.

This makes Wet Abrasive Blasting the best technique for surface cleaning in tight quarters or in city limits. Paint stripping and surface preparation, cleaning concrete or steel, removing graffiti and more! If you need professional surface cleaning, give us a call today!

With our Wet Abrasive Blasting technique, you will receive the same great cleaning with significantly less dust, leaving the surrounding area clean and clear!

Do you have a project around the house or at work that requires large surface prepping or cleaning? Wet abrasive blasting can help get your started on the right foot!


Examples of Applications:

And much, much more!

Power Clean is proud to offer this service for the Richmond,IN, Greenfield, Plainfield, Castleton, Greenwood, Avon, Noblesville, Carmel, Fisher's, and Indianapolis areas. We provide excellent customer service at a reasonable price.

Our process uses relatively small particles in conjunction with water, to clean and remove buildup from surfaces. It is more dust-free and less harsh than sandblasting, and is also more thorough than water blasting alone.

Abrasive Blasting Applications

Wet abrasive blasting has a wide variety of applications.  It can be used residentially for detailing marine equipment, cleaning driveways, prepping your home for new paint, or restoring lost luster to a wooden deck. Commercially, it also has a variety of uses including prepping metal surfaces for paint, heavy machinery cleaning, graffiti removal, and parking lot cleaning.

Power Clean Surface Solutions has been a family owned and operated business in the Indianapolis, Indiana area for many years, and are thrilled to offer this service to all our customers! Call us today and let us help you get those big surface cleaning projects off your to-do list!

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